Are you aware that at least 140 American cities went through protests due to the events surrounding the death of George Floyd?

With this conflict comes lots of injuries on both protesters and police officers. The damage to buildings and establishments costs millions of dollars.

It also led to the arrest of thousands of people. But which coffee shops suffered the most during the looting? Read on and find out more.

1. Starbucks

This world-famous coffee shop got looted because of the violent protests. Several branches in various cities suffered from damage and looting in recent times. These major cities include Seattle, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

The company’s response is different from most companies. Instead of closing stores or limiting hours at the C-suite level, Starbucks gave regional field leaders authority. That way, they can determine whether stores should operate depending on the circumstances surrounding the branches’ immediate area.

2. Seattle Coffee Works

This establishment is one of the most famous coffee makers in Seattle. Its famous products include the Seattle Space Blend, an exciting espresso with a complex range of flavors. Its average rating from various social media and review sites is 4.6 stars out of 5, a testament to the company’s quality.

In light of recent protests, Seattle Coffee Works’ new Pine Street flagship had a smashed window on a weekend around 8pm. According to their Facebook post, their downtown café suffered from minor damage and losses. But they’re grateful to their neighbors, nearby customers, and maintenance team for their efforts in keeping them afloat.

“The big question for everyone is are people going to come downtown and shop?” said Pipo Bui, the owner of Seattle Coffee Works

3. La Colombe Coffee Shop, Downtown Washington

La Colombe is famous for its first-ever draft latte and their fresh roasted coffee. Among their draft latte, fan favorites include the Triple Draft Latte and Vanilla Draft Latte. The former has frothed milk while the latter has real vanilla, with both classified as cold brews.

During the weekend, a downtown Washington La Colombe coffee shop got looted by protesters. It’s one of the many establishments that suffered the same fate. During the looting, a person in the crowd yelled at the crowd, chastising them for messing up the message with these acts fo violence.

The company’s blog has a statement from La Colombe’s CEO and co-founder, Todd Carmichael. He said that three of their cafes got looted while others got tagged. Their response was to stop production to ensure their employees need not travel through the riots.

Regardless, Carmichael calls for people not to close their minds amidst the situation. He said that it’s the right time to listen to colored communities with an open ear. That it’s time to understand how systematic racism develops to find ways of dismantling it.

Be Part of the Change

These are the coffee shops looted from the George Floyd protests. Even with collateral damage, these companies showed compassion and encouraged everyone to do the same. If you’re looking for coffee shops to support, these businesses are great choices.

Of course, this also makes going out for coffee a bit risky. If you want to learn more about buying coffee and making your drinks at home, we invite you to go through our other guides here today!

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Marc Abucejo

Marc Abucejo

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