Filipinos love eating since aside from their main daily meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—they have in-between meals. They have a warm-up meal before actual breakfast, snack time before lunch, and “merienda” at mid-afternoon before dinner. But their most important meal is breakfast, that’s why they have a lot of great meals to start their day with.

Take note, Filipinos are rice eaters, even during breakfast. They can pair almost any meal with it, so it isn’t on this list. Otherwise, read on and learn more about the most popular Filipino Breakfast meals.

1.) Pandesal and Hot Coffee

Pandesal or Bread of Salt is one of the most popular bread in the Philippines.

It’s almost always present on a Filipino breakfast table. Filipinos often eat it with filling like sunny side up egg, peanut butter, or a slice of cheese.

Some will dip it in hot coffee or hot chocolate. That’s why the former is also in great demand in the country since the two pair so well. As proof, 80% of Filipino adults drink an average of 2.5 cups of coffee each day, and often in tandem with pandesal.

The popularity of pandesal is such that they’re likely sold out if you don’t wake up early. Each morning, you’ll see a long line of people at the bakery, buying this bread for breakfast. It’s also a hit during the holidays since people will usually buy this bread after the night mass.

2.) Champorado

This popular breakfast meal is a sweet chocolate rice porridge.

This popular breakfast meal is a sweet chocolate rice porridge. Traditionally, Filipinos use cocoa powder when making this delicious food. The best part is its versatility since it can also be part of the “merienda” meal.

Most Filipinos prefer eating champorado with either evaporated or condensed milk on top. Children will often use it to draw fun faces on it as part of their pre-meal ritual. An unorthodox way of eating it is to pair it with salty dried fish, which could serve as a complement for its sweetness.

3.) Bangusilog

The Filipino breakfast is a combination of fried Bangus, sunny side up egg, and Filipino-style fried rice, also known as “Sinangag”.

Typically, Filipinos use leftover rice from the night before to make Sinangag since they aren’t as sticky as its freshly-made counterpart. At its simplest, this leftover rice will contain garlic and some salt.

To make the taste more complex, some Filipinos will add potato cubes or green peas. You can also substitute garlic powder and cheese to achieve the salty taste. Either way, it’s a solid breakfast full of protein and carbohydrates.

4.) Beef Tapa

Tapa comes from dried beef meat, sliced thinly then adding salt and other spices.

It has this distinct flavor that makes it memorable as a breakfast food. It’s easy to prepare since all you need to do is to fry it in oil or grill it.

In most cases, Filipino serve beef tapa with fried rice and egg. They call this combo “tapsilog”. It’s also popular as an all-around meal since you can eat it during lunch and dinner.

5.) Tocino

This is the Spanish counterpart of bacon, and it gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines.

It has two ways of preparation: boiling it using a little amount of water or frying it in oil. Either way, you get easy to make breakfast food with a delicious scent, guaranteed to make your taste buds wake.

6.) Longanisa

This breakfast food is the Filipino counterpart of chorizo.

If you’re Filipino, you know that sinangag, sunny side up egg, and a cup of hot coffee complements longanisa. Its popularity is widespread across the country, with ground pork meat as its most desirable variant.

7.) Paksiw

A simple Filipino dish, Paksiw also enjoys the versatility since it’s also a good lunch or dinner food.

For breakfast, this food is great when complemented with freshly-cooked rice and a cup of coffee. It’s easy to prepare since it’s fish cooked in a pot alongside vinegar and garlic.

To get a better taste, you can add some lard while it’s boiling. It’s also a good food to pair with fried rice. Its other variants substitute roasted pig and other meats instead of fish.

8.) Karne Norte

Another Filipino favorite, Karne Norte is one of the best breakfast foods when mixed with egg.

This sautéed corned beef is also great when paired with rice, regardless of whether it’s plain or fried. It’s also one of the better fillings for pandesal and sliced bread.

It’s a popular Filipino breakfast food due to its ease of preparation. It’s one of the perfect meals if you’re in a hurry. Students and people with early morning work often make this food as a part of their breakfast table.

9.) Fried Egg

Eggs are a staple of a healthy Filipino breakfast.

They cook it in various ways: boiled, sunny side up, or scrambled. If they have time, they often put chopped tomatoes and onions to their scrambled egg.

But for a faster breakfast meal, they will pair a sunny side up egg with either bread or rice. They often drink coffee after eating this meal. Regardless of where they are in the world, Filipinos will typically have these food items on their tables.

10.) Dried Salted Fish

Also known as “Tuyo”, Filipinos pan-fry this breakfast food.

They dip it in vinegar and pair it with sinangag and coffee. It’s a sun-dried fish that a lot of people eat even after breakfast.

It’s easy to prepare, and the fish’s crunchiness makes rice more appetizing. It isn’t an ideal meal for people trying to slim down.

Breakfast in the Philippines—A Kaleidoscope of Experiences

There are more dishes that Filipinos like eating during their breakfast. Take note, some regions have their specialty dish. That means you’re bound to travel the entire country if you want to taste all the breakfast foods they offer.

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Marc Abucejo

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Marc is a Filipino Organic Coffee Lover and Founder of the Bean to Mug Movement. A Registered Nurse living in Los Angeles; he is very passionate and dedicated in sharing the Filipino Culture through all-natural coffee beans from the Philippines.

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